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Career Opportunities at AMR.

Join Our Team of professionals:

As a growing company, we are always accepting new applications. If you are interested in becoming the newest member of our team, please download and fill out the Application Form. You can then attach and upload your application using the Submission Form below.

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Sub-Contracting Opportunities:

We regularly subcontract portions of our projects. To get on our vendor list and receive solicitations, please fill out the application form and submit the following additional information via mail or e-mail:

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• Copy of W-9
• Company’s license numbers & information
• D & B information
• Insurance agreements & information
• Surety information
• List of current & recent projects (within 3 years)
• Current financial statement
• Contractor references
• OSHA 300 logs (3 years)

Please note that all vendor applications must be reviewed and verified prior to receiving solicitations. Please allow up to 30 days for processing. You will receive confirmation notification once processing is complete.

Joint-Venture, Partnerships, and Teaming Opportunities:

If you are a prime contractor, and you believe you have a mutually beneficial opportunity to present, please click on the following link to our Contact Us and select your desired method of communication: phone, fax, mail, or e-mail. We gladly entertain all opportunities and encourage you to pro-actively seek us out.

Application Submission Form